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The exterior components of your property (roofs, gutters, masonry, siding, and windows) protect the interior from the elements and contribute to the efficient use of energy for heating and cooling. One of the greatest issues contributing to the deterioration of structures is water intrusion. The St. Louis metro area experiences extreme seasonal climate variations – cold, snowy winters, hot, humid summers, heavy rainfall, hail and wind storms. Local properties generally have flat or pitched roofs covered in a variety of materials (e.g. asphalt, slate, modified bitumen, tile, metal). From minor repairs to full tear-off and replacement of existing roofing materials and decking, John can help you make the best choice of roofing material to keep your roof well insulated and water tight. Your gutter system will divert water away from your exterior walls and foundation in order to prevent seepage and wood deterioration. Even an inch of rainfall on a roof can send a couple of thousand gallons of water cascading off eaves and pooling around foundations. Guttering and downspouts come in a range of colors and materials.

Evaluation of your home’s gutter system will help you avoid costly repairs in the future. St. Louis is famous for it s predominately brick masonry infrastructure. Brick is incredibly beautiful and durable, but the joints between the masonry units do become vulnerable to moisture intrusion when the old mortar begins to fail. Tuckpointing (raking out old mortar to a 5/8” depth and replacing it with new mortar mixed with the appropriate ratio of lime and Portland cement) is necessary to preserve the integrity of brick walls. If you are exploring the possibility of restoring a property constructed of brick, you’ll likely need to add tuckpointing to your list of considerations.

Siding, the exterior covering to protect frame structures, is available in economical vinyl, durable aluminum, rustic cedar shake, and beautiful, long-lasting Hardie Board. The amount of time you are willing to spend on maintenance and exterior painting along with your budget constraints will determine your choices of siding should your project require repair or replacement.

Windows are a defining architectural feature of a building. Especially in historic districts, they can present special challenges. Original wood windows can be restored in many cases and protected from the elements with storm window units. If replacement is absolutely necessary due to extreme neglect, an effort should be made (and MUST be made in historic districts) to match the original windows in material and detail. John can help you evaluate the condition of your windows and proceed with repair or replacement accordingly.

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