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As much as we admire our wonderful historic homes, often modern convenience demands that we modify floor plans, systems, and parking arrangements to suit 21st century lifestyles. Golden Age Restoration will design and build room additions, enlarge/add kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, add closet space, finish basements, update systems, or whatever you need to make living in your older home practical and comfortable.

Most 21st Century homeowners appreciate more numerous bathrooms, larger, more luxurious kitchens, and significantly more closet space than homeowners generally expected 50-100+ years ago. The goal of the sensitive renovator is to introduce modifications as subtly and thoughtfully as possible so as not to detract from the original historic ambiance. Restrictions in designated historic districts must be taken into account when planning renovation projects. Golden Age Restoration works within the guidelines of municipal building codes and historic district regulations throughout the metro area intended to protect the appearance of historic buildings or districts.

As structures age, their systems (electrical, heating, venting, air conditioning, plumbing) will either become physically or functionally obsolete. Exterior finishes like shingles, siding, paint and masonry will need to be maintained or replaced to protect the integrity of the structure. Energy efficiency and sustainable materials are to be considered and introduced during the renovation process. We can suggest ways to optimize existing systems or introduce new ones to improve cost effectiveness.

Golden Age Restoration will build a garage that is compatible with the style of your home. We also design car and garage ports. These additions not only provide protection for your vehicles and additional storage space, they increase the value of your home.

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