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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms in older homes can be (and usually are) a challenge. You may be facing the well-meaning but ghastly effects of some 1960-‘s -70’s bathroom makeover in your elegant Victorian or gracious Craftsman-era home. The galvanized plumbing may have calcified to the point that the water pressure is very low. The cast-iron waste stack may have developed barnacles and be at the end of its lifespan. To match the provenance of your historic home, perhaps you would like to install period-appropriate tile, a claw-foot tub, pedestal sink, and antique-style faucets if the originals are missing. While work is going on in the bathroom, the electricity will likely need to be upgraded so that you can add at least one more outlet. Your living situation and personal comfort level will possibly require the addition of more bathrooms. After all, when many of our historic homes were built, indoor plumbing was a fantastic luxury and the idea of more than one bathroom would have been inconceivable! The floor plan of an existing bathroom may be too cramped and need to be reconfigured.

Whether you are looking for a vintage or modern look, John can help you have your dream bathroom no matter what the age of your home.

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